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Taylor on being different for each album

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I can’t believe we’re going on five albums now, when I feel like it’s still just the beginning. With this album, I’m not trying to open up a new chapter; I’m trying to start a completely new book. It has to have the common thread of confessional songwriting and my fans getting a glimpse into what’s really happening in my life, but sonically, you can go anywhere. That’s the cool thing.

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My fans don’t feel like I hold anything back from them. They know whatever I’m going through now, they’ll hear about it on a record someday. They’ll hear the real story.

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I can relate to this
You would hide away and find a piece of mind with some indie record that's much cooler than mine

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LiteFM: An extremely happy Eriad who got to meet his Idol Taylor Swift. Eriad is diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. #LiteFM #TheWish (x)

@taylorswift13 Just tried reading a hotel shampoo bottle an arms length away from my face to check if I still need contacts-Turns out I do. Eventful night.

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