Taylor Swift for the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Haters gonna hate but I’mma shake it off because the message of the song is amazing ♡

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Taylor being Taylor

she’s schooching…

A collection of Taylor Swift gifs that will make your heart melt

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Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago..

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"I like to bring a change of clothes, okay?"

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@hermionehoby: nbd. (x)

Thank you to Chef Jeanie at Ella’s Fine Food and Drink for giving us the best and only cooking lesson we’ve ever had!

Leaving her apartment in NYC 8/8/14 (x)
You look like bad news…

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words: how little they mean when you’re a little too late

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 "Beauty is sincerity. There are so many different ways someone can be beautiful." 

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I’ve always tried to stay close to the way I lived or wanted to live before all this happened to me. I don’t believe that having success means needing to change your lifestyle in a big way. That would seem too strange for me.

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